Patancheru Leader -

Patancheru leader G.Mahipal Reddy is an important politician in Telangana. He is the present M.L.A for Patancheru constituency. Mr G.Mahipal Reddy is known as Patancheru Leader because he brought many industries and conducted somany welfare programs in Patancheru area. Patancheru leader G.Mahipal Reddy have created a bright scope for all the people living in Patancheru. Mr.G.Mahipal Reddy is known for his future forecast technique in Telangana.All age,religion and cast people have lot of faith on G.Mahipal Reddy because they know that he is the only person who can show bright future to them.People appreciated Patancheru Leader in many programs like Mision bagheradha,kalyanalakshmi and double bedroom pathakam and so on.We wish Patancheru leader Mr.G.Mahipal Reddy for his future programs. - View Details